One thing about this year’s prophecy is that the kind of choices you make will determine the kind of surprises you will receive this year.

“The reality of life is that God created us to make choices and expected us to make choices.” Gen 30:19-20, Luke 22:41-43. As we all know, surprises can be positive or negative. It’s all a matter of choice.

A choice is an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. For there to be choices, there has to be options or preferences. “Life is simpler without options and it becomes more complicated with choice or when faced with options.

Choices will be evaluated in the end. In the beginning, Adam was presented with choices, also in the life of Jesus we see choices. So in this year, the kind of choices you make will determine how well the promises of God concerning your life will be fulfilled. Here it is my delight to share with you, three important choices you have to make in order to succeed and excel in 2017.

  1. CHOOSE WHAT YOU FEED ON: feeding here is not mainly about the kind of food you allow into your body system. What you feed on here actually involves the kind of word, conversation, and music you hear, the books you read and other things you come in contact with. “You are what you eat,” you will absolutely become whatever you feed on. You don’t feed on all manners of food simply because they are available. Therefore the internet sites you visit, the books you read and the TV programs you watch, should practically be your choice. So choose what you feed on. Feed on what will elevate your spirit to a higher level. Read books that will give you wisdom and direction. Listen to conversations that will equip you for the battle ahead.
  2. CHOOSE WHAT TO CALL THINGS THAT COME YOUR WAY: “whatever you call anything is what it will be to you.” Learn to label your experiences with positive expression. In this year you have to determine to call things that come your way. If difficulty comes your way, you have to determine how you call it. “The label you put on your experiences will brand your experiences in your memory and in your lifetime.” The label allowed to be placed on you will stick on you. So speak life into every situation that comes your way.  You have a choice on how you label things that come your way. You may not control every experience of your life, but you control how to label it. You can choose to declare that “we are above and not beneath, we are the head and not the tail.” Choose what to call things that come your way.

3.CHOOSE WHOM TO WELCOME INTO YOUR LIFE: this is practically about the kind of people you allow or bring into your life. “Friendship is not by force and anyone who wants to be your friend by force most likely has an agenda that is not in your interest.” Don’t just open your life to anybody, you have to determine who is coming in and exiting out of your life because some people come into your life to mess up your life. The kind of people you allow into your life determines your destiny so choose whom you allow into your life. The kind of people you bring into your life must be people who complement you, people who add to your life and complete you. You have a choice

PS: life is not lived based on the past you remember but in the future, you choose to live on.


Culled from Dr. Mensah Otabil’s teachings



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