During the past Catholic Ash Wednesday, I was treated to exotic doses of not very pleasant write-ups from Christians on social media, denigrating the Catholic faith for the practice of Ash Wednesday as some Zombie pagan rite. Comfortably neglecting the embedded message of –from dust you came from; to dust you will return- meant to periodically remind us to thread our earthly pilgrimage with meekness and humility.

Not satisfied at that, they went on to attack the Lent period as not biblical and being just another Roman invention. However I have just one poser for my fellow Pentecostals: did Christ command us to fast every beginning of the year? Some doctrines are born of necessity, if it helps them experience Easter better, let them be! Don’t condemn what you don’t know, instead of condemning, join in the fast.

The body of Christ needs to get past these fault lines and findings and see ourselves as different parts of one body; and as being one FAITH with one LORD meant to play different roles. Can the eyes hear?  Neither can the legs think?

We are one body in Christ, with Christ as the head. Let’s end with these words of the Master: Judge not (yourself and others), condemn not (yourself and others) rather love God by keeping his commandments, love yourself by walking in purpose, and love your neighbors as much you love yourself.

Shalom! Enjoy your blessed Sunday.


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